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Commercial Truck Repair

Commercial Truck Repair

6253 Boundary Rd, South Glengarry (Ontario) K6H 5R5


Commercial Truck Repair was established in 1995 and in 1997 became Incorporated. In March of 2013 Commercial Truck Repair opened its doors in a new state of the art facility which included a 12 door garage, an O'Brien 5 ton over head crane that runs over 3 parallel bays and an 80 foot pit.
Our Fleet includes 3 Service Trucks, 3 Pick up Trucks, 1 Delivery Van, 1 Shunt Truck, 2 Loaders and a Forklift.We Offer:
~24 hr Emergency service 7 days a week.
~Maintenance & Repairs on Trucks and Trailers (All Makes and Models)
~ Electrical Diagnostics (All Makes and Models)
~ Pick up and Delivery service
~Environmentally Friendly (disposing of materials)
~Trailer Parking available

Truck Repair